Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sometimes you just wish you could do everything. You always take on more than you can chew and then it just winds up biting you in the backside, like that bug that bit Vicky in Fairly Odd Parents, anyone remember that...?

But you can't do everything, of course not, dahling. Then what happens next is you obsessing over that image of yourself in the mirror, wondering why you can't do everything, because SHE can, your friend, your enemy, your grandma, whoever. That's when you get DUH DUH DUUUUH (aka scary music) jealous.

Everything is worse with green eyes of envy. You're constantly comparing yourself with other girls, constantly unhappy. It sucks. You think that the girls your comparing yourself to never has to worry about the things you do, because she's perfect. But you're so wrong. According to Miley Cyrus and noted therapists, nobody is perfect. Everybody is jealous. Knowing that makes you unjealous.

A nice superpower to be able to have would be to read minds. Well, if you read only certain things, because I defiantly don't want to know what people are thinking ALL of the time, that be pretty weird... But being able to read the jealous thoughts of the girl YOU were jealous of, and finding out the she was jealous of you, would get rid of your envious thinking. Because nobody is perfect.

But we don't have those superpowers. No one does. So it's up to us to take the first leap of knowingness and stop being jealous of each other. We have to remember that we're all smart and beautiful and PERFECT THE WAY WE ARE. As Dr. Martin Luthur King Jr. said, "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." He was talking about stopping segregation, and we're talking about ending our jealousy. We can do great things like he did if we stop be jealous and get our confidence back. Dr. King was confident; how could he do all that if he wasn't? Jealousy is the only thing holding you back. Maybe you CAN do everything then...

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