Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sophisticated School Elections OR Popularity Contests? THAT IS THE QUESTION!!

La-la-last year I ran for Vice President of the seventh grade. I campaigned hard (not really). I made super-cool posters (not really). I did campaign-y things.

There were two boys running too: one was really popular and the other was really diplomatic and smart. I was pretty sure the diplomatic kid was going to be my real competition, but I was wrong.

On a election day DK (diplomatic kid) read his speech from typed, unwrinkled paper smoothly and professionally. He was good. Then PK (popular kid) read his speech from ripped notebook paper while laughing and joking around. I was confident he was not going to be elected.

I read mine with my friends shooting me supportive smiles every time I looked up from my paper. I returned to my seat with amid applause. Then voting began.

Our teachers had announced a tie. I was pretty sure PK was not in it, but he was!! DK was voted out first.

Then voting to break the tie began. When it was announced I won I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled sportsman-like at my former competitors but I was still shocked (and angry!!) that PK won over DK, because DK would have been a MUCH better VP than PK and I KNOW the whole grade knows that.

I worry that I only got elected because I'm kind of popular. Not like cooly-cool Abercrombie and Juicy Sweats popular but I'm friends with everybody at my school. But are school elections really just a popularity contest?? I ran because I wanted to help make the school better. Is that everybody else's goal too? What do you guys think?


  1. Def a popularity stinks. People can be so typical and obsessed with popularity!! Ugh. Congrats on winning though!:)


  2. Sorry but unfortunately its a popularity contset. I know to think where this world has sunk. I know our founding fathers would be disappointed.


  3. it's stupid, but that's the way it is... :)

    but I believe that if you're really enthousiastic and interessing that no matter what your popularity is you will succeed :D


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  4. I'm so made PK won over DK for VP! (that was fun to type). It's definitely a popularity contest, unfortunately. And being popular isn't neccessarily bad - if you're a nice person, which I know you are, then being popular is a good thing!

  5. This exact same thing happened at my school. There was this girl who ran for president and she was like, TOTALLY into it. She had an entire folder of campaign plans and she literally gave out t-shirts (I am the owner of one). Unfortunately she was voted out, and a popular-but-not-cooly-cool girl like you (whose intentions were very good!) won. I'm glad my friend (the popular-but-not-cooly-cool one) won, but it's sad that the smart girl's hard work- and, not to mention money- went to nothing.

  6. I think that it is a popularity contest. It is sad, but that is the way people are. They just want to vote for the popular one. Congradulations on winning VP!!! Great post and I can't wait to read more!

  7. In my school none of the popular people run. It's below them, apparently. I agree with your earlier posts. The "Popular Girls" (not even) in my school are always talking about who they "did it" with and stuff. It's really disgusting to listen to, they are only in ninth after all!
    Love your posts!

  8. We are in that kind of world....
    It's crazy but ....

    Great job and
    See ya!!!

    Go there, this guy is :....